More Active Armor WWII Photos from Historicon 2018

These were kindly sent by Javier, of the first Moonsund game on Friday evening.

The Polikarpov strikes again!

The Soviets begin the advance.

And a close-up...

This time with their (extremely) forward supply truck (we'll get back to that...)

Soviets are everywhere and things seem to be exploding.

The Germans seize the village amidst the flames.

The Germans mount a strong defense against the approaching Soviet hordes...but what is that sitting inside the German lines?

In their infinite patriotism, the Soviet high command has ordered the divisional supply companies to cross the German lines ahead of their advancing combat troops!
(It turns out that when you hit a truckload of ammo and petrol with high explosive shells, it blows up quite effectively).

Amid more Soviet airstrikes, the Ruler of Fate has set its sites on one of the players...

It turns out to be Generaleutnant Jason, who seems strangely obsessed with the, err, alignment (of something...)
Is this evidence of the Nazi high command's pre-occupation with the supernatural?

He clarifies his seemingly bizarre actions to Richard.
(Notice how this year's Historicon T-shirt seems to read "moron" when seen from the wrong angle.
This is deeply unfair - Richard is many things, but that certainly isn't one of them!)

Thanks again to everybody, and especially Javier for the photos!