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Application of Force: The apps we use to run some of our games.


Victory in Europe Historical Miniatures Game Day, Saturday, 6 May 2023

Bloody Scotsmen and Friends A Game Day Featuring Local Producers, Saturday, 4 February 2023

The Charge of the Cossacks Historical Miniatures Game Day, Saturday, 10 December 2022

The World Turned Upside Down Historical Miniatures Game Day, Saturday, 1 October 2022

The Guns of August Historical Miniatures Game Day, Saturday, 6 August 2022 (After-action report here.)

Let's Roll Game Day II on February 5-7, 2021 (After-Action Report)

Let's Roll Game Day on December 18-20, 2020 (After-Action Report)


Wargames Tonight: a YouTube channel by some of the local talent.

The Fencing Frog: A long-running blog from one of our members.

Cornwallis' Retreat - A Black Seas Game

Site Pages and Links:

After-action report from Pancho Villa game, MADD Game Day in Amherst NH, 23 June 2018

After-action report from the Active Armor WWII games we ran at Historicon 2018.

Gallery: Baden 1848

After-Action Report: Fribourg 1644 - a 15mm Pike & Shotte game done with the Old Colony Gamers

Gallery: Battle of Montcornet, France 1940

Cold Wars 2019 After-Action Report: Patton vs. the Russians, 1945

Gallery: Greco-Persian ADLG, 25mm

Gallery: Alexandrian Successors ADLG, 25mm (Part I)

Gallery: Alexandrian Successors ADLG, 25mm (Part II)

Gallery: Montlhery 1465 ADLG, 25mm

Invasion of Alsace, 1896 After-Action Report

The Saga of Gunnar Axelsson (a Vikingar campaign game.)

The Saga of Knut Rauðfeldr (a Vikingar campaign game.)

Danish Invasion of 1070 - a Ravenfeast scenario

Arthurian ADLG Gallery

The Thorssons' Saga (a Vikingar campaign game.)

Gallery: Landing in Brittany, 1794

After-Action: 16th Century Cross-vs-Crescent in the Adriatic

After-Action: More Like Foxes than Lyons, 1672

After-Action: In the Service of the Jesuit King, 1656

After-Action: The Cossacks Ride!

ADLG Gallery: Somewhere in Anatolia, 205 BC


The Northern Conspiracy (a New England wargames club)

MHWA (Maine Historical Wargamers Association - organizers of Huzzah! and other regional events)

Wargaming in Maine (Online group associated with MHWA)

BARBARIANS (wargaming and modelling group in mid-New England)

Battle Group Boston (Boston area wargaming group - organizers of the annual HAVOC convention)

Carnage 21 (an annual tabletop gaming convention in Killington, VT)

Free Range Gaming New Hampshire (A virtual group of gamers in New Hampshire)

Makerspace Amherst Game Day Discussion Group (Runs regular game days in Amherst NH)

Mass Pikemen Gaming Club (Run historical and other games in central Massachusetts)

Wargamers of Southern New Hampshire (Run all types of miniatures and board games)

Boston Trained Bands (Boston-area wargames club)


Wicked Gaming Center (a place to meet and game in Peterborough, New Hampshire)

Escape Hatch Books (comic books and games on 27 Main Street in Jaffrey, NH - open gaming tables for miniatures, boardgames, and card games)

Hobby Bunker (miniatures, toy soldiers, and wargames of all types, just north of Boston in Malden MA - hosts various gaming events/game days)

Comic Boom (comics and games in Keene, New Hampshire - hosts gaming events of various types)

Adler Hobby & Board Game Library ( mom-and-pop shop for tabletop games in Manchester NH)

Relentless Dragon (RPGs, card games, and fantasy/sci-fi in Nashua NH)

Black Moon Games (card games and tabletop games, Lebanon NH and Rutland VT)

Midgard Comics & Games (comics and games in Derry NH)

The Whiz Store (game store in Westborough MA - promoter of Flames of War)

Toy Soldier Games (gaming supplies and gaming space in Amesbury MA)

The Monadnock Historical Wargaming Association is an informal group of wargamers located in Southwestern New Hampshire, formed in the summer of 2018. We play historical wargames using tabletop miniatures and (occasional) boardgames. Meetings are held at members' homes on an irregular basis in Jaffrey, Peterborough, and Keene, but we try to meet at least once a week. If you are a wargamer who is new to the area and looking for opponents, or are simply intrigued by the coolest way to play with toy soldiers yet invented by the human species, and want to learn more, please contact us. We do not play RPGs, Warhammer, or other fantasy/science-fiction games of those types - our focus is strictly on historical games (some of the stores listed on the left support non-historical gaming).

To contact us, please send us an e-mail.